Exploration and Production

Our upstream oil and gas service portfolio.

We are focused on developing and operating a portfolio of oil and gas assets.

Our operations encompass the exploration, drilling and extraction of oil and natural gas. We are focused on developing and operating a portfolio of oil and gas assets.

Quest E&P is an indigenous independent oil & gas company incorporated in 2017. We focus on exploring, exploiting, and developing oil and natural gas reserves in a sustainable way. Our Exploration and Production activities are grounded in the best business practices, good governance, and a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibilities.

We create value for our shareholders by optimizing operational efficiency, increasing production capacity, and growing our international presence. We explore innovative ways to produce and develop our assets through research and partnerships. This has made us one of Africa’s leading sustainable oil and gas companies.

Our team comprises of well experienced and multi-disciplinary group of professionals with relevant competence to drive sustained production.  Our team is equipped to provide sound technical expertise to our partners for the growth of the venture.



Focus on exploration around new and existing infrastructures


Develop fields with innovative and economical solutions


Produce fields safely and efficiently to maximize recovery and reduce carbon intensity



Operating in accordance with industry best practices

According to the Net Zero scenario put forward by the International Energy Agency (IEA), hydrocarbons are set to account for half the world’s energy needs in 2030 and will decrease below 20% in 2050. Natural gas is transition energy that allows for the ramp-up of renewables and provides sustainable fuels in the mobility sector.