We thrive on ethical values which drives our entire business operations.

At Quest, safety is at the core of our business strategy

We promote a safe culture and teamwork amongst our staff. We believe safety is our collective responsibility, and if we all strive for safety, then everyone is safe.


We adhere to safety regulations while creating standard efficiencies, which result in optimal energy services. We pay special attention to people and their values, beliefs, behavior, and attitudes to reduce accident rates in all of our operations. We are committed to keeping people safe and we believe that Safety begins with you


For over a decade, our leading indicators have continually progressed while our lagging indicators have regressed. We are constantly working to maintain a significant reduction in our lagging indicators. It is our zeal to be a hallmark in the energy sector while maintaining industry standards. We have set our goal of Zero Fatality. We continually strive to maintain a zero-fatality rate at our facilities while identifying likely hazards and risks with efficient control measures.


managed services for Operations and Maintenance(O&M)

QUEST EPCI is an engineering design, procurement, construction & installation management company that is focused on providing innovative & value-added solutions to the integrated energy sector using our team of highly competent professionals equipped with cutting edge technology at the highest ethical and safety standards



Providing sustainable energy solutions across the Oil and Gas value chain

The acquisition of ASCON is in fulfillment of our goal of providing affordable, clean, reliable, and sustainable energy to all in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7. Following this acquisition, we aim to set the pace for innovation in downstream space, as well as provide efficient energy solutions