Creating lasting impact and deepening her footprint in the downstream sector.

We Trade, Supply, Store, Market, and Distribute crude and refined petroleum products

Upon acquisition of ASCON, Quest is now one of the leading providers of fuel and lubricants, with presence in all the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria

We engage in the Trading, Supply, Storage, Marketing, and Distribution of crude and refined petroleum products such as PMS, AGO, DPK, ATK, and other heavy products. Our services include retail supply such as refilling from stations, vessel bunkers, and delivery to platforms using vessels and barges.

With an expanding network of over 35 retail service stations, all of which are company-owned, storage terminals with a combined capacity of 80 million liters, an ultra-modern lubricant blending plant, IATA and DPR certified aviation terminals, and strategically stationed LPG skids, our retail and bulk business is growing rapidly to meet the growing needs of the market


Quest Lube Plant is the lubricant and specialty products division of Quest Oil and Engineering Limited. We are involved in providing lubrication and petrochemical solutions to automobiles, industries and companies in and around Nigeria. Equipped with a state-of-the-art lube blending plant and an advanced Tribology laboratory.



Quest Retail formerly known as ASCON Oil Company Limited is the face of our retail operation that has made us a leading provider of fuel, diesel and lubricants with a presence in the 6 geographical zones across Nigeria.




Deepening our reach across Nigeria, championing the use of clean and uncontaminated fuel for business growth

We practice integrity through the use of accurate fuel meters.
We are at the forefront of the “One-is-one-liter” campaign in the industry.
We create and deliver value for the people in our communities.
We are driven by our values of Quality, Uniqueness, Excellence, Service, and Trust.